Our Story

The GoPoint Technology Story

I was born in 1965. GM had a 52% market share and the Motor City was all about cars. My mom drove a Corvette until my brother was born in 1967. She then decided that a more family friendly car was in order, so she bought a Chevelle SS. My dad, the breadwinner, was busy designing, engineering, and patenting technology for Chevrolet. We were and always have been an automotive family.

Two weeks after graduating high school, I followed in my father’s footsteps and attended General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) – sometimes called the West Point of industry. Every student co-op’d, which meant that we went to school for 12 weeks and then went to work in automotive for 12 weeks. Hands on? Yes!

GM introduced its first vehicle with a computer (powertrain controller) in 1980. I chipped my first vehicle in 1985. Powertrain controllers offered improved emissions and fuel mileage, but slowly they have disconnected the driver from the vehicle.

We are now faced with vague warning lights and ambiguous owner’s manuals. Powerless, we are forced to be dependent on dealerships and repair facilities to interpret what our vehicles are trying to tell us.

In 2009 I decided enough was enough. No more would we be forced to be disconnected from our vehicles, our rides, our pride. We would take back control with the power in our pocket – the smart phone.

I define the go-point as the point in time in which you decide that ideas need to be put into action. In my mind, we were at the go-point and a company was born.

With our products, there is now no excuse for not being connected to your vehicle.


Brennan T. Hamilton
Founder, GoPoint Technology.


The summer of 2011 was a great time. At GoPoint, we were still basking in our win of the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award. There we were, side-by-side with cancer researchers and creators of life in New York City, unbelievable!

A neighbor of mine, a woman in her 70’s, had heard about my company and asked me if I could help her. She told me that her check engine light was on and that she was getting ready to have her car towed to a dealership – 180 miles away! Fascinated, I asked her why she would do such a thing. Fear, she told. Quite simply, she was afraid that if she drove with the check engine light on, her vehicle would be severely damaged.

I connected our GL1, decoded her check engine light, and told her that she would suffer from reduced fuel economy until she – at her convenience – took her car in for a new oxygen sensor.

Why, I asked myself, should anyone have to suffer with the fear of the unknown with their vehicle? Out of that experience was born our Bluetooth BT1 and App. Install it once and never again fear the dreaded CHECK ENGINE LIGHT.