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Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

September 28, 2010 – NYC, NY – Popular Mechanics announced products and innovators that truly moved society forward in 2010.  GoPoint Technology is honored to be one of the winners. Click the picture for more details.

Modern cars rely on sophisticated computers to operate their engines and internal electronics. To access these computers, owners typically need to use a scan tool—a device that can cost thousands of dollars. By using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch as a window into a car’s computer, the GoPoint scan tool and its accompanying app ($100) offer the kind of diagnostic info that usually requires a trip to the mechanic to retrieve. The intuitive interface allows DIYers to view trouble codes, turn off the Check Engine light and monitor every electrical signal that goes through the computer in real time. As a result, consumers can either save a trip to the mechanic or go to the shop armed with information that could protect them from fraud. Need more proof that this is the future of DIY car maintenance? Other software developers are already releasing apps that piggyback on the cable, including one that tracks fuel economy.

Popular Mechanics Tool of the Month

MotorTrend gives shout-out to GL1!

Straight from Motor Trend: “[The GL1 is] the ultimate app for the car nut/Apple addict on your list. The GL1 kit provides an Apple-approved connection to link your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBDII) port with your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Then, by running GoPoint’s free software your smart player/phone/pad gizmo becomes an onboard mechanic, keeping track of your fuel economy and monitoring the status of other vehicle systems. Did you ever wonder how fast your catalytic converter really warms up on a sub-zero day?”

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Motor Trend Review

Mate Your Car with Your iPhone by Frank Markus

I’ve spent the last few weeks hooking a borrowed iPhone up to practically every press car I’ve driven using GoPoint Technology’s goLINK cable, which has stimulated my geek glands and heightened my iPhone envy.  The iPhone App is free, but the cable that connects the iPhone (or iPod Touch or even an iPad) to the OBDII port costs $99.82.  The App includes access to the FuzzyLuke Web application that allows you to track performance and fuel economy and even see where a vehicle has been (caveat, teenage joyriders!). Information is uploaded live from the iPhone’s data connection or cached and uploaded when an iPod Touch connects via WiFi.”
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GL1 iPhone OBD-II Scanner by Rick Webster

The goLINK system communicates with your vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostics port and sends the info to your iPhone or iPod touch, which turns it into your very own automotive scanning and diagnostic tool, capable of inspecting your vehicles sensors and health in real time, clearing trouble codes, tells you your fuel economy, translates obscure trouble codes into human speak and more – no more pulling codes from a reader then surfing the web hoping to find out what that trouble code translates into. Oh yeah, it also charges your iPhone or iPod Touch at the same time.

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GoPoint Technology is TiE20 Winner

TiECon Midwest 2010, Michigan’s largest conference on entrepreneurship and presented by TiE Detroit, today announced the winners of the TiE20 Midwest Industry Awards. Selected from more than 1,000 nominated companies, the winners represent the most enterprising startup companies in four focus segments: Internet, Media, Mobile and Software. The TiE20 winners will be honored with awards of excellence at TiECon 2010 on Fri., Oct. 29, 2010, at 7:30 p.m at The Henry in Dearborn. A full list of the TiE20 winners is available at .