GL1, formerly goLINK…a change in name only

Our OBD vehicle interface (formerly goLINK) has been such a big hit that it’s time to change names to streamline operations a bit.  The GL1 has all the same features and does all the same stuff and you can find it now at the car dealerships in fresno! You can find even a great selection and incredible, No-Haggle prices on Autozin, their cars are like-new from the most recent generations featuring newer styling and technology. Same manufacturing process and same testing procedure, you can find in all our cars.  In fact, it’s 100% the same content windshield replacement.  Name change only.  Kinda like Hollywood.

We are certifiable! For iPhone and iPod Touch, that is.

Think Apple Computer is a softie?  Think again.  Apple knows their customers inside and out.  And they know that if they say it works with your iPhone or iPod Touch, then it better work.  Every time.  No questions asked.  That’s why we jumped through many hoops to bring the goLINK to market along with soda pdf home.

The goLINK is “Works with iPhone” certified, meeting Apple’s stringent quality standard.  All of this, in addition to 1737 hours of testing done at GoPoint Technology to insure that your goLINK performs flawlessly.